Suitable for all chronic pain sufferers, e.g. Endometriosis, PCOS,  Fibromyalgia & Arthritis

pain management with self hypnosis

If like me, you have found that living with a condition that causes chronic or acute pain because pain killers simply don’t work.


A hot water bottle doesn’t work, yoga positions won’t work, it can seem like nothing will work.

Over the past 20 years I have worked with people of all ages to help manage pain and take back control of their lives. 

We do this by training the incredible power of your mind, via the ancient art of trance and self-hypnosis, which can change your experience of pain and how you can manage your life.

On this training I will share my top pain management technique that you can implement right away! 

By the end of my Pain Management with Self Hypnosis Course you will have learnt two important and effective meditations which will change how you cope with the difficulties of living a life in pain:

  1. To be able to put yourself into a deep trance, which allows you to disconnect from the experience of pain that your body is feeling.
  2. To reduce the level of pain that you experience on a daily basis.

Mastering These techniques removes the despair, loneliness and frustration that is so common and so hard to overcome when you live with pain on a daily basis.

We will explore the triggers, both mental and physical, that are making it harder to manage your pain and learn how to adjust your lifestyle to better support, manage and reduce the pain.

Hypnosis and Pain Management; an ancient technique when modern medicine has no answer.

This training is designed to be practised at home so that you can start using the techniques as quickly as possible with:

An indepth 6 session training course, delivered virtually, at a time of your choosing.

MP3 guided trance meditation for daily practice at home.

Fee £360 or £70 x 6

You can also choose to upgrade:

Add a discounted personal development session with me, Joanne Reeves-Baker, to release feelings of anger, frustration, unworthiness or unresolved trauma (worth £150.00) for £75.00

Add a discounted homeopathic treatment with my personal homeopath, Lisa O’Brien, to help bring your body back into balance (worth £75.00) for £25.00.

A discount off the 6 month endometriosis warrior course  (request a chat)

Pain Management with Self Hypnosis Is A Drug Free Way to Manage Pain. 

To book on this course use the box below or drop me a text on 07790035963 and I will send you the payment link and book a time convenient for you.

EndometriosisI am delighted to offer this course at a low cost to you, it is a skill I learnt many years ago and is the only reason that I survived the despair of the chronic pain I used to experience as a sufferer of endometriosis and adenomyosis. 

I look forward to sharing this skill with you and seeing you on the course!

Not sure if it is for you? Read on for my private client’s experience.
Hypnotherapy Testimonial
“At the age of 18 when I was first offered the chance of doing hypnotherapy, I turned it down. How could it possibly be good enough to help manage and control the amount of pain I was in? I had been on some of the strongest drugs and treatments and they had barely scratched the surface. In my mind hypnotherapy was some weird hippy who would have control of my mind and have me dancing around like a chicken, not something that could change my life.
But a year or two later, my life was an existence and not a life. I had exhausted all options to keep my pain under control, and had nothing to lose in giving it a try. I have never felt counselling successful, always just feeling like a case number rather than a person with traumas and experiences, so when I started my therapy at Joanne’s house, I already felt myself becoming at ease, being away from hospitals, or clinics, away from doctors in uniforms. I was met with warmth and kindness and was asked about myself as a person, not just as my pain and illness.
The first few sessions were used to build rapport, and start to introduce techniques, which I was yet to know were skills in which I would use up until today, ten years later, and in many aspects of my life.
As the weekly sessions went on I found myself not only being able to manage my pain, but to overcome mental obstacles which had haunted me for most of my life so far. My family, who had seen me waste away for years, not being able to leave the house, barely be able to walk, and never go anywhere by myself, they started to see the sparkle back in my eyes. Start to rediscover who I was and become the person who I was meant to be.
You see, Hypnotherapy isn’t someone else performing some trick to control you and magic the pain away, it’s a technique which allows you to dive deep into your mind, body and soul and enables you to be in control of it. Untie the physical pain to the emotional pain, but also to listen to what your body truly wants and needs. It is a way of being in such a deep state of hypnotherapy, of meditation and relaxation that you are completely separate from your body, that you can have a break from the pain, that you can put it to one side, even just for a moment. Which is the biggest relief when it is something you suffer with every minute of every day.
As time goes on, the less sessions you need, as you learn the techniques the quicker you can put yourself under, the more in control you have of your mind and body.
Simply put, it is a drug free, pain free, hospital and doctor free way of enabling yourself to gain control of the pain in your life. It becomes just a part of who you are rather than your existence. The more time and effort and homework you put in, the more successful you will become at achieving better control.
I use hypnotherapy in my life regularly, for pain, anxiety, depression. I used it in the birth of my daughter, for insomnia. So many aspects. I truly feel it is a life skill that I now wouldn’t be able to live without. Every now and then I still have to dip in for a session with Joanne. I not only feel she is my hypnotherapist, but my guide, my mentor, and a friend. She has been a crutch in situations that I thought I wouldn’t be able to escape, not only by being there with invaluable advice and guidance, but for reminding me of the strength and power within myself.
I will always encourage others to do hypnotherapy, but especially pain management. It is a skill as I have mentioned that will take you through your life. Thank you Joanne, for allowing me to have mine back.”