Activate Self Love Outside and In.


An introduction to the ancient goddess Aphrodite and her gifts of cleansing, healing to amplifying self love and abundance.  This is a four week on-line course with channelled meditations.



Immersie Yourself In The Energy of Aphrodite.

Four Weeks With Aphrodite

I am going to share the ancient wisdom of the Goddess Aphrodite with her connection to the oceans.   

I’ve long had an interest in Aphrodite as she is a goddess who predates the Pantheon of Greek Gods and did not fall under the sway of ‘mighty Zeus’.  Her origins lie in pre-history and her power and her energy was so much more than the superficial love goddess she is stereotyped as now.

She is about the power of Love from the Divine, Self Love and Abundance.

She activates a cleansing of Heart break and Healing of grief and guilt.

She utilises the power of the oceans to be Invincible.

She clears away debris which is standing in the way of your Success.

Can you feel her power begining to activate within you?

I invite you to join me this September: 

Activate Self Love Outside and In.

A  Four Week Spiritual Course with the Goddess Aphrodite .

During this on-line course we will dive deep into the healing powers of Aphrodite.  

Her ancient essence is connected to a much deeper power than romantic love.  For example, in Sparta Aphrodite was considered a goddess of war.

The Goddess Aphrodite is one of the more ancient goddesses who has remained in the consciousness because SELF-LOVE is one of the lessons that our soul needs to learn in each life time. Aphrodite could be considered the first mermaid.  Mermaids have the power to cleanse and heal old heart break. Aphrodite has the power to help you rediscover who you are after any kind of gried/trauma/lifechanging event. Those times when you have to find your self again.  Aphrodite awakens out creativity, strength and courage  through self love and choosing to be authentically true to your desires. This is why she is such a powerful goddess to work with when it comes to creating abundance. Abundance can’t flow when you are suffering with damaging thoughts such as ‘shouldn’t’, ‘can’t’, ‘not good enough’; all those thoughts that go against the principles of self-love. They put a barrier between you and receiving all those good things in life that lift you up energetically and emotionally.

Understanding that you can receive all kind of desires in a non-selfish way is a gift from Aphrodite

Meditating with Aphrodite allows your energy fields to absorb cleansing from the ocean and awaken self love to blast through those emotional blockages.

Ready to awaken a deeper self love?

Recognises that you deserve a life that is brimming with love and abundance. 

Over the four classes you will:

  • Discover the connection Aphrodite has to the lost matriarchal societies.

  • How you can benefit from the cleansing energy of the Ocean.

  • Why Self Love is easy with Aphrodite on your side.

  • How to Love your Inner Godess

  • Elevate your Light Energy to attract more happiness into life.


Four recorded channelled meditations to continue your connections with Aphrodite once the course has ended. 

I adore working with mythology, meditations and magic.  It is a combination which speaks to our ancient DNA and connects us to our ancestroes. 

Thus powerful healing metaphors are created for your mind, body and soul. Illumination of your authentic self



Each week on this course will initiate you into who Aphrodite was and who she is for you. You will have a deeper understanding of ancient feminine mysteries and the role they play in your soul’s journey as a woman in the 21st century. 


Developing your relationship with Aphrodite will grow your confidence in how you treat your body, soul and mind with nourishment.  Creating a strong inner core in your true essence of self. 


This sense of self will help you by-pass old conditiong of ‘lack’ and help your swiftly recover from challenging times.


You will gain practical knowledge about spells/rituals or prayers which will connect you to the healing energy of Aphrodite. 


You will finish this course with a deeper confidence that you deserve a life of love & light, healing & happiness. 


The course price is £197 (Payment plans and other currencies available)

Starting Wednesday 13th  September 7:30pm BST.

The channelend meditations will be be recorded for you to keep and ocntinue to use in your own time.

     This is your opportunity to go deeper into your relationship with your inner goddess; elevating a loving partnership with your body, brain, mind and spirit. 

             One that reflects a more abundant and positive journey through life.

               All Deities are here to make your life’s experience easier. 

        They teach you how to lessen the thoughts that ‘you aren’t good enough’ or ‘you don’t deserve’.

                       They remind you that you have more power in            your soul connections.

Creating wonderful experiences in your life.

Aphrodite shows you how to really believe that you do deserve good things and thus good things will happen.

I would love to have you join me live on this course. It is my privilege to be your human guide and  I’m looking forward to meeting this ancient gooddess with you.

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“Hi Joanne, I just want to convey my gratitude to you for today’s one to one session which I found extraordinary and transformational. One word….WOW.   I left floating on air, yet feeling so grounded. You are awesome and so gifted. I have just returned from a long dog walk in the countryside. I feel different! I usually walk really quickly and I was walking slowly and feeling really grounded and peaceful feeling a warm fuzzy smile in my heart the whole way!  I feel excited to have been led to the magic key today to open that door and let the sunlight of harmony flood in in waves of peace and light. After all the emotional work that I have done in my life, this experience to get me back to harmony on an physical level has just blown me away and I totally get how much I needed to do this. I am blessed to have met you. Wahoo!!”

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