Dragons, Mermaids, Unicorns.

An Immersion with 

 spiritual guidance from magical beings.

6 classes and meditations.

Call on the Power of Your Elemental Guides.

Spirit Guidance From Mythological Beings:

Whether spirit guides are manifestations of the angelic realm, or simply wonderful metaphors which our subconscious minds joyfully respond to, these elemental beings are super powerful at removing emotional and mental blockages; blockages that stand in the way of our own success and happiness.

This course programme enjoys working through the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether via their corresponding elemental spirit guide (unicorn, dragon or mermaid and more).

You will absorb their energies of light, love and courage to blast through emotional blockages in your energy fields. 

Raising your self belief and your ability to take action in new areas of your life. Leaving behind fear, guilt, shame or heavy feelings which have been holding you back.


Self-Love, Intuition, Courage and Abundance

There is a reason why Unicorns, Dragons, Mermaids and other elementals are having such a profound resurgence this century. 

At a time when more and more people are not having their mental and emotional needs met in the modern world.

At a time when the natural world seems under attack and is not accesible to many human beings.

Many of these mythological and fantasy beings, have their roots in the distant past, during the ancient time of Lemuria, Atlantis and the Last Ice Age. Understanding the truth behind their guidance and energy gives you a new grounding to lift your soul.

Whether you have a religious faith or are agnostic, this magical course will expand your conscious ability to recognise and develop self-love, intuition, courage and abundance.

You will also receive the immense benefit mentally, emotionally and spiritually from six channelled meditations.

Whether spirit guides are manifestations of the angelic realm, or simply wonderful metaphors which our subconscious minds joyfully respond to, these elemental beings are super powerful at removing emotional and mental blockages; blockages that stand in the way of our own success and happiness.

Ready to feel deep confidence? The one that recognises you deserve to live a life that is brimming with love and light, healing and happiness. 

Over the six classes you will:

  • Explore the origins and myths behind these elementals.

  • Understand their connection to the lost past and who they were in natural history.

  • Why they are increasing their presence now.

  • How you can benefit from their wisdom.

  • Discover which elemental you have a natural connection with.

  • Increase your Light Energy to attract more happiness and luck into your life.

Revitalise your ability to believe in magic, absorb magic and increase your ability to activate your higher potential.

Why these three mythological beings?

These three are all experiencing awakenings in the collective consciousness.  Unicorns especially, in a way not seen in 500 years. The dragons are reclaiming their identity after being vilified for so long in the west for the last 2,000 years.

If you feel deeply connected to the witch wounds of the last 200 years than you may already have felt a connection with mermaids.  Their connection with the sea is so important in releasing those wounds.  Your spirit/body connection will be amplified as you learn to really listen to your needs.

For the purpose of this course you will also have the benefit of the healing elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.

Unicorns represent the ether and mermaids the water.  Of course, there can be earth, air, water and fire dragons.  This course also connects with other elementals for fire and air. Each element is important for our physical and spiritual journey and these magical mythological spirit guides (or metaphors) awaken our imagination.  

When you re-visit the course you may find that a different elemental will be a stronger guide than the time before.  Or you can choose a specific elemental each month to work with.

So you can easily connect to peace and self-confidence through their ancient wisdom. _________________________________________________________________________________

This is your opportunity to go deeper into your relationship with the energetic world; learning a respectful and loving partnership with the mythological spirit guides.

One that reflects a more grounded and magical journey through life.

Spirit guides allow you to experience life with a great inner strength and resilience. 

Elemental guides empower your protection, boundaries and ability to be yourself in all situations.

All spirit guides are here to make your life’s experience easier.  

They teach you how to lessen the frustration, depression, anxiety and stress which the modern world will inevitably create. 

Connecting with their ancient wisdom fills you with peace and self-confidence and perhaps most importantly right now, your sense of hope and joyful expectation of what is to come next.


It is my privilege to be your human guide on this journey. I’m so excited for you to meet these beautiful elementals. 

This course amplifies energy, healing and your spiritual ascension in a magical way. Helping the shifts that are being felt on this planet after millennia of being lost.

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This is your opportunity to have a very different relationship with the stresses and strains of the modern world.   One that reflects a respectful and loving relationship with all the different parts of yourself.

  £97.00 for all six classes and associated meditation’s.

Allow your life’s journey to find the magic.

Return to this ancient wisdom of serenity to fill your spirit with peace and self-confidence.

Enjoy the magick x

“Hi Joanne, I just want to convey my gratitude to you for today’s one to one session which I found extraordinary and transformational. One word….WOW.   I left floating on air, yet feeling so grounded. You are awesome and so gifted. I have just returned from a long dog walk in the countryside. I feel different! I usually walk really quickly and I was walking slowly and feeling really grounded and peaceful feeling a warm fuzzy smile in my heart the whole way!  I feel excited to have been led to the magic key today to open that door and let the sunlight of harmony flood in in waves of peace and light. After all the emotional work that I have done in my life, this experience to get me back to harmony on an physical level has just blown me away and I totally get how much I needed to do this. I am blessed to have met you. Wahoo!!”

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