Spiritual Life Coaching for Agnostics.


Empower Your Inner Calm with Your Spirit Guides.

Stress, Overwhelm, Worry and Exhaustion:

These seem to be the ‘normal’ way of experiencing life and it seems to be never ending.

The ‘normal’ way of dealing with them however is usually in short term fixes. The glass of wine, the bar of chocolate, the sneaky cigarette or the odd yoga class.

These can help calm the mind for a little while but the stress inevitably returns, when the next drama rears it’s head.

Then there is the other kind of fix.

The kind that has faith that everything will work out for the best in the end.

If you have not been raised in any particular faith, it is much harder to access the kind of spiritual strength that is a default setting for those with a strong religious belief.

However, us spiritual agnostics can access this faith too.

Go With The Flow 


It’s the most wonderful feeling.  It changes being flustered to ‘got it all together’.  It makes sense of the expressions ‘surrender’, ‘uplevel’, and ‘let go’.  Do you know the kind of person who seems to float through drama or adversity and always lands on their feet?

I’m that kind of person.  It took me years, and I do mean years, to cultivate the right relationship with the universe, with my own spark of divinity.  Of course my own stubborn mind fought me a lot along the way but living with a chronic painful disorder meant I had no choice. My body taught me the only way to survive was to go with the flow.

Going with the flow, it’s one of those wishy washy expressions, but what does it really mean?

Whilst it is different for everyone,  I am going to share the basics with you in this coaching programme.

To expand your personal relationship with the universe/great spirit/the force.  

To bring that connection into the physical world. So when your mind and body gets stressed you have a  greater ability to return to a place of serenity. 

A place from which you can make empowered decisions.


Stressed to Serene is an alchemical life coaching course where you will discover:

  • Where your feelings of overwhelm truly come from and how to let go.
  • Easy ways to avoid negative coping mechanisms.
  • Disconnect from negative people, energy and entities.
  • Improving your confidence in your ability to cope in any situation.
  • What to do when things happen that are outside of your control.
  • Create easy daily routines to maintain your spiritual strength.
  • How to embrace anger and sadness as tools to connect to spiritual guidance.

We will expand your connection to:

Your spiritual self,

your spiritual strength

and your spiritual energy.

Your spirit/body connection will be amplified as you learn to really listen to your needs.

You will finish this course with a way to opt out of the drama of friends and family. Say goodbye to those old ‘knee-jerk’ reactions as you amplify your self-love and ability to apply the unconditional love of the universe to your circumstances in an empowered manner.

So you can easily switch from stressed to serene.


Life Coaching With Spirit Guides



The 3 Month Programme is £1500 

Weekly sessions to fully embed your spiritual connections include:


A private video coaching lasting up to an hour.


A personal live meditation which you will be sent to keep.


An oracle card pull and how to take action on it’s guidance.


Action Plan for Specific Goals You Wish To Manifest

Serenity allows you to: 

Take action (or inaction) with a great inner strength and confidence. It empowers your inner calm as a source of strength to face the world with.

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This is your opportunity to have a very different relationship with the stresses and strains of the modern world.

One that reflects a respectful and loving relationship with all the different parts of yourself.

Allow your life’s journey to take the effortless path, all the time. Easy Access to Inner Tranquility.

Learn to lessen the frustration, depression, anxiety and stress which is all around.

Return to this ancient wisdom of serenity to fill your spirit with peace and self-confidence.

Looking forward to hearing from you x

Want to ask me a question first?

“Hi Joanne, I just want to convey my gratitude to you for today’s one to one session which I found extraordinary and transformational. One word….WOW.   I left floating on air, yet feeling so grounded. You are awesome and so gifted. I have just returned from a long dog walk in the countryside. I feel different! I usually walk really quickly and I was walking slowly and feeling really grounded and peaceful feeling a warm fuzzy smile in my heart the whole way!  I feel excited to have been led to the magic key today to open that door and let the sunlight of harmony flood in in waves of peace and light. After all the emotional work that I have done in my life, this experience to get me back to harmony on an physical level has just blown me away and I totally get how much I needed to do this. I am blessed to have met you. Wahoo!!”

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