About - Joanne Reeves-Baker

 Before you go on a journey with me, A little about me and what make my alchemical coaching different.

An emotional healer/therapist and life coach for nearly 20 years I believe in the power of individuals to make the world a better place.  My own personal challenges, both in health and emotional trauma’s over the years stretched me to go beyond my comfort zone and find solutions there were outside of the main stream psychological path.  I trained with the very best and I delight in my finding the very best in my clients life’s too. I’m a modern hippy who is passionate about animal welfare and ethical shopping, I used to want to be a ballet dancer when I was young and now Shakti Dance (the yoga of dance) is how I get my dancing fix.  Born in Australia I’m a child of two worlds with a love for the countryside of both Australia and the UK, and my UK heritage is Cornish on my mum’s side and Scottish on my dad’s side. I’m a natural problem solver and am deeply connected to my intuition, gut instinct and yet very grounded. All of which helps with my ability to get to the root of an issue quickly. I have a unique talent that bridges the world of neuroscience and hippy thinking allowing an alchemical release of old, unwanted thought patterns.  I love going on a journey with my clients to find their path for a life fulfilled.

How my alchemical coaching is different:

Often investing in self help books, taking yoga classes, trying to find some time for self care isn’t enough. Despite being successful in your career, you can’t shift underlying feelings of being a failure or undeserving of success.  Or simply not feeling happy.

I don’t just talk away those feelings. I use a blend of neurological, psychological and ancient wisdom to spring clean the corridors of your mind. To close doors, open windows, find the path to a life fulfilled and send those pesky fears out into the meadow to play happily with the butterflies.

That may seem very hippy,  but hippy is powerful. When it comes to unravelling and permanently changing your deepest held and possibly most secretive misbeliefs, you need something more powerful than words alone.

Powerful but gentle.

Powerful but interesting.

Powerful but FUN.

After nearly two decades of working as a therapist and healer, this is my passion and my path. Fill the world with happy high achievers who feel great about what they do and how they live.

Are you ready to free the fears that are holding you back?