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Nurturing Empathic Souls. Be Happy in a modern world.  Overcome career and personal challenges to Live a Life Fulfilled.

Being happy in a modern world. Overcoming career and personal challenges to live a life fulfilled.

When you are an empathic being, it can be a struggle to feel happy with the fast pace and traumas of the modern world.  Often the more spiritual or peaceful side of life feels out of reach.

You have talent and passion to make a real success in your life path but that doesn’t leave you impervious to problems like burn out and balancing a healthy work-home balance.  To say nothing of believing in yourself and meeting the regular challenges of life in an empowered way.

Trying to find your life path and purpose can often feel constrained by rules and responsibilities. Feeling trapped by expectations and lacking in time to fully appreciate living.

You are not alone.

Welcome to Alchemical Coaching with me,

Joanne Reeves-Baker.

Life Path and Purpose ~ Shadow Work ~ Past Life Journeys ~ Personalised packages.

Align your head & heart to find the joy of a life fulfilled.

Alchemical Coaching is more than just talking. 

It is a space where you are really listened to. 

A place to discover where your own hidden misconceptions or misbeliefs are holding you back.

Your opportunity to be supported to find what is missing from your life, so that you can expand your mental horizons and live a life exponentially greater than you are right now.

Alchemical Coaching 90 day personal programmes range between £750 – £1497. Payment plans and other options available.

Choosing a coach or guide is a very personal decision and I would love to get in touch for a video chat once or twice before you book to make sure that the fit is perfect.  Please use the button below to request an inital chat and learn more. I look forward to hearing from you. Namaste.

“Joanne is a phenomenal assassin of self-sabotaging behaviour, you know the one, when you know what you are doing, you are have all pieces of the puzzle but you still don’t do it.  Now Joanne is the real deal, she really is. I’ve worked with her and she manages to just cut to the chase and normalise a lot of the kind of ‘out there stuff’, she is fascinating she really is so you don’t want to miss out on working with this lady.”

Jennie Harland Khan

“My brain has been super-firing since Monday! I mean I know this hippy shit stuff works but it is like if you pushed the “calm button” on the worry side of my brain and the “turbo button” on the side that was feeling stuck.”

Julia Bernard-Thompson

“Hey love, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for today. You are an amazing, authentic, gentle spiritual being. I love the venue, the lunch, the laughs and all the amazing shifts and experiences that my mind will have when it returns.  Life changing, have a wonderful weekend.”

Anne Louise Harbutt